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Invasive Species and Climate Change Workshop

Invasive Species and Climate Change Workshop – Sept. 2014

On Sept. 9, 2014 the Watershed Institute, along with the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, hosted a workshop on existing and emerging invasive species in New Jersey, as well as the impact climate change might have on the spread of invasives. NJISST’s Susan Brookman led the presentation, which covered the importance of recognizing and reacting to the spread of invasive species in the Garden State. She introduced the Invasive Species Strike Team app, which assists citizens in identifying and reporting the invasive species they encounter in their backyards and along their travels. The workshop concluded with a walk around the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Reserve to search for examples of invasive species and to practice using the app for documentation and reporting.

For more information on the phone app, visit To see photos from the workshop, visit the Watershed Institute’s Facebook photo album.

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I am #4OpenSpace

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It’s simple! Just take a picture of yourself holding up an “I am #4OpenSpace” sign and post it to your favorite social media sites. Use the hashtag #4OpenSpace, share your pic, and tell us why you support protecting open space in New Jersey. Then inspire and challenge your friends to do the same!

Why should you join us? Because your voice can make a difference! Every day, invaluable open space and farmland across New Jersey are lost to development and degradation, and most people don’t even realize it. By speaking up and showing your support on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we can help change that. The first step is to shine a light on the problem, and to let people know that what happens to open space in New Jersey matters to you.

The “I Am #4OpenSpace” campaign is all about raising awareness for the importance of the woods, meadows, farmland, and open space that you love. And we want you to share that you love with us and let us know why you care.

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We are #4OpenSpace. Are you?


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