There is continual struggle to balance energies for completing programs and governing the organization. Therefore, well-structured governance is important to charting a course for the organization. Governance allows a group to identify individuals to serve on the Board of Trustees to oversee and develop the plans and policies for the organization. When new organizations start as completely voluntary, the Board often carries the entire weight of the organization. 

There is an enormous amount of work required to establish a smooth running operation, but organizations do not need to reinvent the wheel. Bylaws need to be written to determine the group’s structure, rights of participants, and procedures for exercising their rights. A comprehensive strategic plan clarifies and focuses the group’s efforts in terms of funding, staff, and resources. Budgets are created to monitor the financial aspects. This governance section identifies and provides the resources to help administer and manage the direction for the organization. 

For a comprehensive overview of nonprofit governance, watch this free governance webinar provided by the Pro Bono Partnership, which is a part of their Legal Issues for New Nonprofits series. For more information on particular aspects of nonprofit governance, visit the links in the governance resources box.

Governance Resources

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· Board Binder         · Budget Administration      ·  Budget Creation

· Bylaws     ·  Strategic Planning