River Friendly

You don’t have to live along a river to be River-Friendly!

As watershed professionals, we know that what we do on the land impacts the water, and we work hard to educate others about this connection. River-Friendly Certification Programs can help us in this effort!

Through these programs, your group would work with a variety of landowners, such as businesses, golf courses, and residents, to show them how to manage their property in an environmentally sensitive manner. Working one-on-one with the landowner, you come up with specific actions, such as creating no-mow zones along streams or installing rain gardens, for them to take to reduce their impact in the environment. Once these actions are completed, the landowner is certified as River-Friendly.

These programs not only have the potential to help the environment by reducing nonpoint source pollution or enhancing wildlife habitat, but they also foster positive relationships with the landowners. Working side-by-side with a variety of landowners can also increase your visibility in the community, attract media attention, enhance your reputation as a resource, form new partnerships (and enhance existing ones), attract new members and volunteers, and bring in new sponsors or funders.

Download the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association’s River-Friendly Checklist or Applications today!
River-Friendly Resident Checklist
River-Friendly Business Application
River-Friendly Golf Course Application
River-Friendly Schools Application

Other Landowner Education Programs
River-Friendly isn’t the only way to educate others on land management. Here are examples of some other programs in New Jersey:

  • Bay Buddies: Clean Ocean Action and Save Barnegat Bay: Clean Ocean Action and Save Barnetgat Bay have partnered to create the Bay Buddy Program, a landowner education program focused on protecting Barnegat Bay. By taking the Barnegat Bay Buddy Challenge, individuals can identify small steps to reduce nonpoint source pollution and implement the most environmentally efficient management practices on their properties and in their daily lives.
  • Phone: 732-872-0111 (COA) and 732-830-3600 (SBB)
    Web: http://www.cleanoceanaction.org/index.php?id=659