2015 NJ Confluence Resources

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Opening Keynote: Where Are We & Where Are We Going?
Presentation by Danielle Donkersloot, NJDEP

Getting Your Feet Wet: Intro to Different Types of Monitoring
Presentation by Erin Stretz, Stony Brook Millstone-Watershed Association

Working with Students on Monitoring Projects
Presentation by Laura Kelm, Great Swamp Watershed Association

Water Quality Data Management and Analysis
Presentation by Dr. Steve Souza, Princeton Hydro

Telling the Water Quality Story through Watershed Report Cards
Presentation by Nancy Lawler, Musconetcong Watershed Association

Building on Your Ambassador’s Work
Presentation by Angela Gorczyca, Raritan Headwaters Association
Presentation by Alexandra Walczak, former Americorps Watershed Ambassador
Presentation by Trish Ingelido, NJDEP

Tools of the Trade: Equipment for Monitoring
Presentation by John Iannotti, Pine Environmental Services
Presentation by Jim Ferretti, US EPA Region II

Study Design: Planning New Projects for Different Types of Monitoring
Presentation by Dr. Meiyin Wu, Passaic River Institute
Presentation by Marc Ferko, NJDEP

Working with Volunteers
Presentation by Pam Newitt, Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association
Presentation by Willy Davis, NJDEP

Mapping Water Quality Data
Presentation by Melissa Mitchell Thomas, Raritan Headwaters Association
Presentation by Paul Caris, NJDEP