Nonprofit organizations strive to achieve a mission and accomplish a set of goals. These goals may include restoring a section of streambank, monitoring water quality, working with a municipality, or hosting an educational workshop. To reach these goals, it is necessary to have more than the knowledge of how to restore a streambank or partner with a municipal official. Nonprofits must also manage their organization’s internal operations and their administrative resources.

Seeing to administrative needs, such as becoming incorporated, writing bylaws, and developing a budget are vital to starting an organization and will set in motion the ripple effect for building a solid foundation. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits from focusing on administrative activities:

  • Incorporation creates separate, legal entity that exists in perpetuity, even if trustees change.
  • Tax-exempt status provides an incentive for individuals to donate.
  • A comprehensive strategic plan clarifies and focuses your group’s efforts in terms of funding, staff, and resources.
  • A sound volunteer base supports your programs and mission.

Administrative Resources

For more information, please refer to the links below for additional resources.

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· Tax Exempt Status    · Volunteer Management

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