Money is an overarching major internal concern for groups. Money is needed to obtain dedicated staff, pay the bills, and implement programs that will protect the rivers we dedicate our lives to stewarding. Fundraising is vital to securing the financial needs for the organization, but there are benefits beyond the monetary aspects. Fundraising is a communication, outreach and relationship tool for organizations.

When members are solicited or special events are held the group is communicating the organization’s mission. Fundraising efforts find, recruit, and link people who want to support the organization’s work. Fundraising establishes, maintains, and sustains relationships between the organization and donors. Fundraising also educates others who may not already understand the issues. Once awareness is heightened, fundraising can then inspire and motivate people to support the organization’s mission and efforts.

Dedicated fundraising efforts take time and energy to be effective. There are a variety of ways to begin a fundraising program and to maintain communication and relationships. Once a fundraising plan is put in motion, organizations begin to expand their network of people committed to common causes. For a comprehensive look at fundraising, watch this fundraising webinar provided by the Pro Bono Partnership as part of their Legal Issues for New Nonprofits series. For more information on specific topics related to fundraising, click on the links in the Fundraising Resources box below.

Fundraising Resources

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