Program Development

Watershed groups are innovators and regularly form new ideas to best attain and achieve your organization’s mission. Newly formed groups are eager to change the world and have an approach that often involves multiple strategies that they would like to undertake simultaneously. Each day groups strive to find the answers that turn ideas into goals. There is a struggle to nurture environmental stewardship transforming these ideas into sustainable programs. How can we leverage the personnel and financial resources to place the organization and its programs on the map?

Watershed groups are fortunate that overlapping of groups boundaries are few and far between. Successful programs can be transferred across boundaries. Partnerships can be established to leverage resources to start new programs. But just as organizations need plans to accompany new programs to ensure their effectivenss and longevity, existing programs need to be evaluated to enhance or expand their services to match community and organization needs. This Program Development section provides the resources to help plan, implement and evaluate programs.

Planning for evaluation from the very beginning is imperative. Refer to the Program Evaluation Resource Guide for tips and resources on program evaluation.

Program Development Resources

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· Technical Advisory Committees         · Work Plans