Environmental Education Supplies

The following links will provide you with information on where to assemble supplies and materials for environmental programs. 

Acorn Naturalists
Offers trailside and classroom resources and materials for teachers, naturalists, interpreters, parents, and their children. Topics covered include botany, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fresh water and marine ecosystems, art, literature, and gardening.
Phone: (800) 422-8886
E-mail: emailacorn@aol.com

Ben Meadows
Supplier of aquatic nets, microscopes, water quality testing kits, binoculars, and more.
Phone: (800) 241-6401

Carolina Biological
A reasonably priced supplier of field and classroom microscopes, insect nets, waders, and more.
Phone: (800) 344-3100

Other Resources:

State Environmental Education Directory Website
Provides information for educators, included programs, curriculum, training opportunities, volunteer programs, grants, and scholarships.

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
Educational standards adopted by NJ State Board of Education, they were created to improve student achievement by clearly defining what all students should know and be able to do at the end of 13 years of public education.

Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education (ANJEE)
A privately supported, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and improving environmental education for people of all ages in New Jersey. Website has resources and grant opportunities.
Email: anjee_president@yahoo.com

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)
A network of professionals, students, and volunteers working in the field of environmental education through North American and the world. Promotes environmental education and supports work of environmental educators. Website has publications, resources, events, and conferences.
Phone: (202) 419-0415

Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators (PAEE)
An organization dedicated to uniting, supporting, and inspiring individuals to be stewards of the environment. Website has conference information, job opportunities, an events calendar, and environmental links and resources.

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