Our Priorities

Protecting the environment and the watersheds where we live, work, and play has always been the driving principle behind everything we do here at the Watershed Institute and at our parent organization, the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association. As a part of our efforts to improve the way we promote watershed health, the Institute has defined a set of Priority Issues that reflect the most basic watershed problems: water quantity, water quality, and ecosystem/habitat health.

Restore NJ’s waterways to state and federal clean water quality standards
Promote resiliency of NJ’s watersheds to stormwater and flooding impacts
Protect and restore healthy habitats and functioning ecosystems

We want to reconnect people in a safe and sustainable way with their rivers and floodplains, encourage the implementation of green infrastructure, prepare and adapt for the impacts of climate change, and ensure that the water we use is properly treated and returned to our ecosystems.

These priorities will guide the flow of Institute work and resources over the next three to five years. We plan to achieve these priorities through our Targeted Actions, with help from like-minded organizations and motivated citizens across the region. Over the coming years we will support the work of watershed organizations in their efforts to pursue those actions in order to improve water quality, environmental health, and the overall quality of life here in the State of New Jersey.