Targeted Actions

The Watershed Institute has identified a set of targeted environmental actions to address the Priority Issues facing New Jersey’s watersheds. Over the coming years, the Institute will directly support and promote the work of watershed organizations that are undertaking the following Actions throughout the State of New Jersey. 

Actions for the Issues

  • Water Quality Science and Education:  Promote data-to-action efforts of organizations monitoring water quality, increase accessibility of water quality information, and improve communication to the public on why good water quality is important to environmental and community well being
  • Stormwater Policy:  Promote collaborative efforts with state, county, and municipal officials (where practical) to advocate for improved stormwater rules and ordinances beyond the current minimal and often ineffective requirements
  • Green Infrastructure: Educate landowners and municipal decision-makers on the role of impervious cover in flooding, using green infrastructure as a solution, and green infrastructure best practices (including the importance of long-term maintenance)
  • Climate Change Resiliency: Incorporate resiliency and adaptation into all aspects of future projects, planning, and policy efforts, and increase the accessibility of information and appropriate tools regarding climate change impacts

If you work with a New Jersey watershed organization, your group may be eligible for funding to help accomplish this work! Be sure to check out this year’s grant announcement at our Grant Program page!